Sustainability policy

OBT`s sustainability policy aims to establish guidelines to manage its activities in a sustainable manner, considering economic, social and environmental factors.

Pave a path of awareness that we belong to an intelligent system called Planet Earth. In this way, we must ensure the commitment to promote the production of healthy foods, thinking about animal welfare and the preservation of the environment.

This policy applies to OBT throughout its organizational structure – directors, employees, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

The social commitment is one of the main pillars that guide OBT`s actions. This includes good labor practices linked to human rights, the well-being of the collaborator, their training and qualification, extending to the contribution to the development of the community.
And all this accompanied by environmental commitment, with the preservation of biodiversity, the efficient use of resources and the understanding that we live on this planet, and we must take care of our home.

Governance activities must be constantly evaluated, taking as a reference good practices that result in an environment of trust both internally and in relationships with third parties.

  5.1. Transparency
It consists of OBT`s desire to make available to its shareholders, employees, collaborators, suppliers information that is of interest to them and not only that whose disclosure is required by applicable laws or regulations.

  5.2. Equity
Equitable and fair treatment of all shareholders and other interest groups of OBT, taking into account their rights, duties, needs, interests and expectations.

  5.3. Accountability
OBT governance agents must account for their performance in a clear, concise, understandable and timely manner, fully assuming the consequences of their acts and omissions in the exercise of their mandates and acting with diligence and responsibility in the scope of their functions.

  5.4. Corporate Responsability
OBT governance agents must ensure the economic and financial viability of the company, reduce the negative external risks of its business and operations and increase the positive ones, taking into account, in its business model, the different capitals – financial, intellectual, human, social, environmental – short, medium and long term.

As a company originally from the primary sector, we live off the land, and in the Earth we find our greatest ally to produce raw materials for the most demanding markets.
In this way, we believe that it is right to contribute in all dimensions as a company and promote the preservation of our planet.
We believe in an environmentally sustainable world. Therefore, we implement business practices that align profit, purpose and transparency.
We are a company of people and we want to do our part in the best way possible. Let`s take care of those who take care of us. We want this vision of the world to impact all those who, in some way, interact with OBT.

Sheep farming marked a long and significant period in our history.
However, in recent decades the market has experienced changes, which has led us to a new reality.
During this period, we reinvented ourselves countless times, giving us the opportunity to learn and increasingly improve our business model.
Today we are in the fourth generation of the family with management focused on agriculturallivestock production. These activities are carried out in different establishments located in the northern region of Uruguay.
And thus, the company Obratel S.A. has emerged.

• Trust in yourself, the work team and the company`s managers.
• Perform work correctly and responsibly, improving your skills, recognizing your limitations and seeking self-development and the ability to work as a team.
• Have enthusiasm for work.
• Live honestly, in every sense, inside and outside the company, fulfilling your duties and respecting the rights and duties of the company and of others.
• Behave with dignity, respecting others as well as yourself, taking into account that people are different.
• Act with loyalty, being faithful to the mission, objectives and policies of the company.
• Seek constant quality improvement in all departments, activities, services and products.

This document must be reviewed annually by the OBT Board of Directors