OBT is a family enterprise with well-structured business characteristics. Today we are in the fourth generation of the family with its management focused on agricultural and livestock production. We believe that the evolution of a company starts from people, their growth, accompanied by well-developed processes and methodologies. OBT is formally committed to the rigorous international protocols that audit sustainability and through the Altus seal it is recognized for its livestock production following the best practices for sustainability. Being the first to enter the Altus Registry is something that we consider a responsibility assumed in the long term, and proves the great daily work of our entire team. We believe in a socially and environmentally sustainable world along with implementing business practices that align with profitability, purpose and transparency.


Provide our customers with high quality products through the combination of our business ethics, and a wellstructured process and interaction of our departments.


To be a company recognized in the market for our capacity to adapt and constant search for excellence through competitive management, technological investment and good practices.


• Trust yourself, the colleagues and the company managers.
• Perform work correctly and responsibly, improving your skills, recognizing your limitations and seeking self-development and the ability to work as a team.
• Have enthusiasm at work.
• Live honestly, in every way, inside and outside the company, accomplishing your duties and respecting.
• Behave with dignity, respecting others as well as yourself, taking into account that people are different.
• Act with loyalty, being faithful to the mission, objectives and policies of the company.
• Seek constant quality improvement in all sectors, activities, services and products.

Our history

Sheep farming marked a long and significant period in our history. However, in recent decades the market has experienced changes, which has led us to a new reality. During this period we reinvented ourselves countless times, giving us the opportunity to learn and increasingly improve our business model. Today we are in the fourth generation of the family with management focused on agricultural and beef cattle production. These activities are carried out in different establishments located in the northern region of Uruguay. And thus Obratel S.A. has emerged.

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